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You are a Rune Caster for your Viking clan. Cast runes onto the shared board to create patterns and cast your spells to gain fortune for your clan. But pay attention to other casters; don’t play something that could help them cast spells and be sure to protect yourself from attack from other clans. Do you have what it takes to cast the right runes and bring your clan victory?


On the darkest 12 days of the year, the Shadow Lord, Enenra, rises and tries to cover the world in darkness. It’s up to you and your fellow kingdoms to brave the Broken Field and steal as many dragon eggs as possible to use their magics imbued by the Fire Storms to push Enenra and his shades back whence they came. Defeat dragons or domesticate your own to dominate the field. Can you keep Enenra’s dark forces from overrunning the world?

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