BloodRunes is live on Kickstarter!

Nov 1, 2022 | Board Games | 0 comments

We’re here, the holy day of the BloodRunes launch!  Please go to the BloodRunes on Kickstarter page and pledge your support today!  I haven’t slept much in the last two days getting this launch finally ready for today.  I’m so glad it’s here!  If you have any questions, you can email me or post a comment directly on the kickstarter page.  If I don’t answer right away, I’m probably napping lol.  BUT I SHALL RISE AGAIN for the battle of the BloodRunes.

And if you’re in the Austin area, tonight, at 6pm at Emerald Tavern, we are having a launch party and a little tournament.  We’ll be in the large private room.  Come out, eat some cake, mingle, play games and have fun!  Oh and back BloodRunes 🙂

And don’t forget that backing BloodRunes today means you get $5 off!  Have the vision of Heimdall and see the amazing value in being the first to the fray!  That’s $10 off our projected retail cost!  Happy raiding and I hope to see you tonight at Emerald Tavern if you’re in the Austin area.

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