Last week to get BloodRunes!

Nov 25, 2022 | Board Games | 0 comments

We have one week left!  Can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks!  So much has happened! We’ve had launch parties, went to BGG Con, went to Turkey for a hair transplant and now we’re resting on one week to go at about 76%!  So close, but I need all the help I can get.  Please share the kickstarter campaign with friends, family, groups, etc.  I’m doing the same along with facebook and insta ads and online reviewers, one more of which will be coming this week.  We’re so close to success and I’ve definitely learned a lot of ways to do these launches better in the future.

 How you can help promote BloodRunes

  • Share with everybody!  And when you do, you can get entered to win free BloodRune stuff or even a free game!  Check out this post for details.
  • Make money while sharing with Affiliate Links. If you are an active sharer to your friends and groups, message me to get on my affiliate program. I’ll give you a personalized link and anytime someone comes to the kickstarter site through your link and backs the project, you get 10% of whatever they backed with!  Money in yo pocket while supporting something you already love.  That’s a win win!
  • Add Ons. In case you weren’t aware, you can add on BloodRunes related merchandise from the kickstarter campaign.  If you’ve already backed BloodRunes, just go to your backed projects section and click edit and go to add ons and see if you’d like any of the healing rune stones, norse jewelry, or other items I have available there.  All add on money goes to the total funded amount as well.











  • Get your name carved in the Halls of Valhalla.  One Add on I thought I’d highlight is getting your name carved in the halls of Valhalla. That means your name will appear in the actual BloodRunes rule book!  I’ll also mention you on the website and on a video post.  Just go to the Add ons section to find this option.
  • Share with your local game stores. There is an Odin’s pledge option which is meant for retail stores. If your local game shop would like to carry BloodRunes, let them know about the campaign and once they back, I’ll contact them to negotiate pricing and volume for the games.

What I’m doing to continue to promote BloodRunes

  • Posting on social media pretty much every day.
  • Updating the Campaign Updates and Blog.
  • Posting on as many gaming groups as possible.
  • Following up with all the online reviewers I’ve been working with to make sure the videos that are meant to get released are and asking the ones that are already posted to repost.
  • Facebook and instagram ads along with boosting certain posts, like the GiveAway post.
  • Calling all my local game stores to see if they would be interested in carrying BloodRunes.
  • Expanding followers on all social media accounts.

Phew, promotion is hard!  We’re in the home stretch!  Thank you all so much and Let’s bring her home!

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