Lately AI Review: Great People, But does it work?

Mar 24, 2023 | Business | 0 comments

As I said in my last post, I’m going to be trialing a bunch of AI marketing tools over the next few months. My first to try was Lately.

Lately is useful if you want AI to pull content out of some existing media for you. It can take text prompts and create posts based on longer articles or link to other articles and create a new post based on that. It can also pull content out of Audio and Video which is pretty cool.

However, all in all, I didn’t find it that useful. The AI was pretty basic and was mostly pulling out whole paragraphs verbatim rather than creating something new or commenting on the article.

I did like the scheduler feature. It might’ve been more useful if I could just write my own posts and use the scheduler. I thought it was strange that you literally cannot use your own content, you have to use the generator to make AI content and then post it; or do a work around where you paste in your own content after the AI has generated something.

It also wasn’t good if you’re trying to sell something. I kept trying to make it create marketing copy and many times it would say that it is an AI and cannot recommend any products.

The customer support, OMG!

The best part, however, was the customer support. OMG, I’ve never received customer support like this before. So responsive! I filled out a support ticket, thinking it would go into the void, ne’er to return, but someone got back to me within 48 business hours and we corresponded over email. The rep made custom videos for me showing how to do certain things, saying my name in the video so I knew she had just made this video for my particular issue. Very good customer support!

I also upgraded to Professional during the trial period which was apparently NOT supported in the trial and immediately charged my card. I didn’t realize it until I went to cancel. So I emailed the customer support person I had been working with and within minutes, she had addresses my issue, refunded my money and cancelled my subscription.  Amazing.

In conclusion, it’s not quite what I’m looking for but a very good company with great people working there. I hope they’re very successful. For me, though, I’m moving on to trial the next thing.

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