What Projects am I currently working on?

Feb 3, 2022 | Arts, Board Games, Books | 0 comments

Visions series

There will be several books in the Visions series.  The first book, called Visions, is about a girl who starts getting visions of memories she’s never had. She sees a boy being tortured and finds out that he’s a real person and she needs to save him. She and her friends go on a journey to find and save this boy, along the way, she realizes she has more power than she knows…

 Visions is written, edited, and done. I need to work out this whole marketing thing before i get it out there though. I’m also in the process of writing the second book and the prequel, called Leaving Spera, so that there won’t be a long break between the release of each book. I know I hate it when authors have long gaps.  ahem JRR Martin, ahem Patrick Rothfuss 🙂



I’m also working on a board game called BloodRunes. In it, you play a Rune Caster for your clan. You play runes on a shared board, trying to create patterns that will match the spells you want to cast without helping your opponents cast theirs. Build your own fortunes, steal from others, and protect your hoard. Be the first to six fortunes and you win!

BloodRunes is done, well playtested and ready to be kickstarted. I, again, just need to get the marketing angle worked out so i can have a successful kickstarter campaign.

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