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The BloodRunes assembly is underway! The factory is buzzing with activity as each box is carefully packed with printed materials before being shrink-wrapped and cartoned. Shipping details are being finalized, and soon BloodRunes will begin its journey over land and sea to reach backers in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Slovakia, Iceland, Singapore, and the UK.
We’re at a critical juncture and I won’t be able to sleep soundly until those pallets show up at my door! To give you an idea of the process, I’m hiring a shipping company to put all my games inside a cargo container on a huge ship and ship most of the games directly to me, at which point I’ll hand delivery or mail out from my house to all the backers. The rest are going by courier service to the UK where a UK distribution company called Spiral Galaxy will distribute them to all other countries.
It’s a complex process, and there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. ?? But we’re confident in our plan and can’t wait for you to see the final product. And, of course, we’re planning a rewards party here in Austin once everything arrives. It’s sure to be a huge success! ?
If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the post showcasing the unboxing of the final sample copy of BloodRunes. This is what you can expect to receive in August.

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