BloodRunes is now available on Amazon! Click below to preorder now. All orders will arrive in August!  Thank you so much for your support and love of games. 🙂

In the new board game, BloodRunes, you are a Rune Caster for your clan. Can you cast the right runes onto the shared board to bring good Fortune to your clan or will you make a wrong move and allow another clan to steal from you?

In this strategy pattern creation game, you’ll need to watch the spell books of others while setting up your runes to bring you the most Fortune and win! Be sure and protect yourself with wards or break other wards to steal from opponents. If the wild rune of Loki shines upon you, be careful, it could help others as well. 

BloodRunes was successfully funded on Kickstarter!  We raised a little over $6,800 to bring this project to life.  Thank you to everyone who backed the project!  You are all awesome and beautiful people!  


Really enjoyed the pattern building, tension in the choices, and paranoia-inducing player interaction.

– Unfiltered Gamer


BloodRunes is available for pre-order on Amazon!

In case you haven't already heard, BloodRunes is available for preorder on Amazon! delivery for Amazon orders will be after kickstarter backers but probably still in the August time frame. I'm so excited to be bringing BloodRunes to the world and it's my goal to sell...


Furra has a conversation with the leader of the Blair clan

I have decided to fill in some of the lore of the these characters from BloodRunes, starting with...

The First Copy of BloodRunes has arrived, but Where?

As you know from the last post, BloodRunes is on its way! In fact the first copy has already...

They’re on their way there!

Could not pass up the opportunity to use the three "there's" in the title. BloodRunes is on its...


The BloodRunes assembly is underway! The factory is buzzing with activity as each box is carefully...

BloodRunes is Printing! See Video of the Process here

BloodRunes has been printing for a few weeks now and WhatzGames sent me a short video of them...

AI Art, an Ethical Study

Since releasing that I'll be using artwork I attained from Midjourney AI and then edited to fit my...

New Acolyte art using Midjourney!

I've finally discovered Midjourney, the AI artist I'm sure many of you have heard of.  Needless to...

New box cover art!

Hey all, I've got so many comments on box cover art for BloodRunes and to be honest, I've never...

Calling all past Playtesters of BloodRunes!

Happy Holidays everyone! I am putting the finishing touches on the artwork, as you know, and...

BloodRunes Box Art

Happy Holidays, Casters! Planning on getting the art finalized before the end of the year. But...


Is Metricool really that Cool?

This was not on my original list of Social Media options I was going to investigate, but I found...

Buffer Review for Social Media Management and Marketing

Thus far, Hootsuite is the winner in this battle of the social media managers. One new kid on the...

Copy AI: Do you Copy That?

Copy AI is a tool that was developed to help businesses write better content. It has many...

Jasper vs Notion AI Writing

This post was supposed to be a review of Jasper. However, I have since found another AI writer...

Lately AI Review: Great People, But does it work?

As I said in my last post, I'm going to be trialing a bunch of AI marketing tools over the next...

Hootsuite Review: Does it Fly as High as it Claims?

Are you tired of logging in to multiple social media accounts to post content and track...

Which AI Social Media Tool is the best? I’m going to find out…

Social media has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. I know when I dove...


Financial look at 2022

2022 was the first year of my semi-retirement and I learned a ton!  I'd love to focus on all the...

Quarter 1 of Retirement

 Hey all! So much to talk about! The site is finally live! Took way longer than I thought it...

How I was able to Retire Early

FIRE! FIRE stands for Financially Independent Retiring Early.  I only just heard of this movement...


Going Down the Rabbit Hole on this AI Thing

I have gone down a few rabbit holes on AI now. And yes that image is Midjourney's attempt to make...

New Acolyte art using Midjourney!

I've finally discovered Midjourney, the AI artist I'm sure many of you have heard of.  Needless to...

Nice Tool for Online Research

I've been doing ALOT of online research lately which means a lot of reading. (No, everything is...

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Game Designer and Author

Zach Turner

Zach Turner graduated from the University of Southern California and went on to be a Professor there before he went into Game testing and eventually spent many years in the Healthcare industry.

He now lives in Austin, TX and works as a writer, photographer, artist, and board game designer. He has travelled all over the world and, among his many hobbies, likes to do acro yoga, wake surf, and snowboard.

Zach talks a lot about the Feeling that drives him and other creatives. It’s that Feeling that keeps the spirit of innovation alive. To learn more, please click “My Story” below.

By Zach Turner

Mortimus Walker

And the Secret of the White City



Morty is a One. He’s been laboring his entire life, but finally it’s his sixtieth birthday. Time for him to retire his old body and travel up through the clouds to the White City where he’ll begin his new life as a One-Two. He’ll be given a new body and anything he wants as reward for his service. But once Processing begins, things don’t go exactly as planned. Can Morty figure out the secret before he is lost in the System all over again?


A fascinating read, the author taps into our constant quest for perfection, for a better life, and for that perfect love, but as with most things, they won’t come so easily.

– Coffeelicious

Other Projects

Currently, in the process of writing, editing, designing, marketing, and publishing the titles below. Nothing is currently purchasable, but please Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on release dates! Thank you for your interest. You are what keeps me going. ?


Visions follows the story of a teenage girl named Xandra. She starts getting visions of memories she’s never had. She sees a boy being tortured and is convinced he is real and needs help. She and her friends go on a quest to save him and along the way, she realizes she has more power than she knows.

Leaving Spera

When Kel Nahat was a boy on Spera, he used to run through its violet fields without care. But all that changed when his life took an unexpected turn and he let himself be overcome by hatred. His quest to escape his darkness inadvertently puts him in the middle of an ancient war and he may be the only hope to save Spera and his people. 

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