The year is 846 AD, the dawn of the Viking age. The legends of Ragnar Lodbrok and his conquests have spread across the known world. With his death, the Viking clans clamber to replace the flag of kingship with their own sigils. Violence breaks out across the Nordic lands.

Which clan will triumph? How to know if one’s fortune will go as planned? A precious few Rune Casters, blessed with the sight of the gods, can cast their spells upon the future and find the fortunate path for their clan. With the help of Acolytes, a Caster can turn the tide for his or her clan. You are that Caster. Can you cast the right runes for the perfect spells to lead your clan to victory?

BloodRunes is now available for preorder on AMAZON!
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Furra has a conversation with the leader of the Blair clan

Furra has a conversation with the leader of the Blair clan

I have decided to fill in some of the lore of the these characters from BloodRunes, starting with Furra, the Aksumite village girl, turned slave, turned nomadic leader and finally seer of the gods. She has finally arrived in Norge, captured by the Blair clan and...

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The First Copy of BloodRunes has arrived, but Where?

The First Copy of BloodRunes has arrived, but Where?

As you know from the last post, BloodRunes is on its way! In fact the first copy has already arrived on a very fateful shore. It seems appropriate that this Viking themed game should make its first landing upon the ancient shores of Iceland! Congratulations to Alex,...

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They’re on their way there!

They’re on their way there!

Could not pass up the opportunity to use the three "there's" in the title. BloodRunes is on its way, currently crossing the great Pacific Ocean to make its way to your door.  Well, first to my door, then to yours. 🙂 You can see it's current location below.  So close!...

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BloodRunes is a pattern creation take-that strategy game unlike any other. Using a shared board, players attempt to cast runes to the board that match the patterns on the spells they wish to play. One must be careful not to cast a rune that might help your opponent. Watch out for your opponents’ spells, see who’s got swords aimed at you. Cast ward spells to protect yourself from attack. Build your own Fortune or steal from your opponents. Get 6 Fortunes and win!

2 – 4 Players
Ages 14+
60 minutes play time

Check out the reviews on BoardGameGeek!

BloodRunes was successfully funded on Kickstarter!  If you would like to get in on Pre-orders, please send me an email request.

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Everyone loves BloodRunes!

How to Play BloodRunes

BloodRunes Asymetric Clan Attributes Variant

Try it out on Tabletopia

Tabletopia is an online board game simulator. I’ve built a version of BloodRunes in it that looks pretty much exactly how BloodRunes looks in real life. However, since Tabletopia has no controling AI, there are no AIs to play against and you can do things that are against the rules. It’s like real life in that way. If you wanted to throw a card across the table, you can totally do that. It can be a little finicky, but if you’d like to give it a shot, here’s how you do it. Ideally, get 3 other people together to play the 4 player online version. Have everyone follow these steps:

1. Click on the link below.
2. Sign up for a tabletopia account if you don’t already have one.
3. Click “Play HotSeat” which allows you to play locally with 4 players passing the laptop.  Or click “Play Online” which allows you to play anyone online.
3. Take a seat color that you like.
4. Click Start.
5. It will take a minute for the game to load up. Once it does, have everyone draw 5 Runes from the Rune deck and choose who will go first.
6. You’re ready to go! It’s set to Free-for-all by default, but if you click the shovel on the left, you can set it to be turn based. Feel free to message me if you have questions or issues or if you’d like to play online 🙂

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