During the 12 darkest days of the year, the dark lord, Enenra, rises from his slumber across the Broken Fields and seeks to cover the world in darkness. Dragons roost on the plateaus, using the periodic Fire Storms to imbue their incubating eggs with magic and power. Enenra’s Shades sweep across the Broken Fields to gather dragon eggs and give Enenra enough magic to spread his shadows across all the lands.

You play one of the four kingdoms. Gather your forces to build bridges across the Broken Fields, fight dragons and steal their eggs before Enenra does. Use the magic in these eggs to alchemize more resources, or charge the egg fully to hatch and domesticate a dragon of your own. Use your soldiers and dragon to gain the most dragon eggs and keep Enenra at bay until the end of the 12th night.

If Enenra gains all the eggs he needs, then he wins and all kingdoms lose the game. Gain the most eggs for your kingdom and keep Enenra at bay for 12 nights to gain victory for your kingdom; or face Enenra head on and defeat his shadowy evil outright, claiming the title of Savior of the World for your kingdom and winning the game.

1 – 4 Players
Ages 10+
90 – 120 minutes, depending on the number of players

This game is still in production, but it’s already playable and very close to completion.


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