Gen Con Day 1

Sep 13, 2022 | Board Games | 0 comments

Gen Con Day 1 was great! I got in on Wednesday and played on the 3D Catan board which I’ve always wanted to play on and ended up winning! *barely*

Then played a drinking game called Death Cup. It was fun but had waaaaay too many rules to it. I could barely manage it sober, not to mention after a few drinks! But this is where I met some great guys who ended up playing and loving BloodRunes the next day 🙂  You never know how you’re going to make new friends!


The next day, the convention officially began and I got to play so many great games. I finally got to play Roots, which is a very asymmetrical game. I liked it even though asymmetrical games are not my favorite. I don’t like having to watch everyone else to make sure they played their characters correctly. But if you get some hardcore gamers you trust to understand and follow the rules, then it is a very realistic sort of rebellion meets cute forest creatures kind of game.

I won a raffle!  It was a huge win, so many games. I’ve still only played through like half of them! I saw the NUR-D concert and braved carrying two bags of games on a scooter back to my hotel.  No crashes!










Have you ever played any of these games?

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