Going Down the Rabbit Hole on this AI Thing

Feb 24, 2023 | Science | 0 comments

I have gone down a few rabbit holes on AI now. And yes that image is Midjourney’s attempt to make me into a rabbit going down a rabbit hole. 😀

I now know way more than I ever thought I would when it comes to AI. As you know, I have subscribed to MidJourney to create art. I have also subscribed to Jasper to create writings. Jasper is far more expensive than Midjourney and I’m not sure how long I’ll hold onto it, but we’ll see. I’m now fashioning a book about using AI to create. The working title is Making Magic with AI: Unlock Your Inner Creative using Artificial Intelligence.

This book will consist of 3 main topics:

  1. How to create art using AI
  2. How to write in different genres using AI
  3. How to market your newly created art using AI

It’s meant to be a full step by step guide to get your inner creative juices flowing and push that message out to the world as quickly and easily as possible. And yes I’m using AI to help write it. There’s a challenge out there that asks you to write a book in 7 days using AI. Now, while I don’t think I have the focus to do that, I’m still gonna try to pump it out pretty quickly. I’ll also be publishing pieces of it here on the blog so that you, my beautiful fans, can get that information first. Can I call you my fans? Is that too ego-centric of me? Well if you’re reading this, then I’m a fan of you, so how bout I just be your fan?  🙂

Below is the first chapter as it’s written so far, just describing AI generated art and some methods to create it.

Chapter 1: AI Generated Art

AI-generated art is the process of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create unique works of art. It uses algorithms, such as deep learning and natural language processing, to analyze data and generate visual artwork. AI-generated art can be used for commercial purposes, such as creating logos, posters, and advertisements; or for more creative projects.

Just like a human artist who uses reference art to get ideas and learn his craft, an AI artist works the same way, but on a much larger scale, using millions of images to inspire its new original works.

There are a few different AI artists. I’ll talk briefly about the popular ones but for this book, we’re mainly going to focus on MidJourney.

One of the most popular AI artists is Dall-E, created by OpenAI. This AI artist is capable of combining images from a large dataset to create entirely new artworks. It uses an artificial neural network to generate its works, which means that it is able to draw inspiration from millions of pieces of data in its memory banks. The cost of subscribing to Dall-E is on the higher end, but it is a worthwhile investment for serious AI artists.


Jasper is an AI artist created by Google and uses an artificial neural network to generate its artworks. It stands out from other AI artists because it not only draws inspiration from millions of pieces of data, but also creates artwork based on how human artists interpret the same data. Jasper can learn different styles and techniques that traditional artists use, such as brush strokes and color palettes.


Lensa is an AI-assisted art tool that uses deep learning to generate unique visuals from a large dataset. Developed by OpenAI, Lensa is designed to help artists, photographers and creators to create stunning pieces of art without having to put in any manual effort.

Lensa’s deep learning algorithms enable it to extract information from large datasets and generate new visuals from them. You can also use its AI-supported editing tools to further refine your artwork.


Prequel is an AI-powered creative suite designed to help artists, photographers, and creators generate ideas, create content, and market it to their audience. Prequel utilizes natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and a deep learning platform to provide users with AI-assisted tools that they can use to make the creative process easier.

The most affordable AI artist is MidJourney. It uses generative adversarial networks (GANS) to create its works of art, allowing it to take inspiration from millions of pieces of data in its memory banks and automatically generate new images. The cost of subscribing to MidJourney is more affordable than Dall-E, and its user interface is easier to use.

Now that you know the basics, let’s move on to creating your own AI artwork using MidJourney in Chapter 2!


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