Moving Ever Closer to BloodRunes Launch

Apr 25, 2022 | Board Games | 0 comments

You are not running out of time | The StarThis will be the first post to go out to everyone’s email boxes. I hope you enjoy these updates and are as excited about the upcoming BloodRunes launch as I am. The new Launch date is Nov 1st!  Seems so far off, but it’s really only 6 months away and there’s so much to do in the mean time!

I’ve got manufacturing squared away. I’m going to be using Whatz to manufacture in China and then use FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) to get everything out to backers, using Freightos to get the games from China to the FBA warehouses in between. It’s the Fullfillment and shipping costs that I’m still working out but should have all that done this week.

I’ve been sending out demo copies to online reviewers and already got some feedback. So far, the feedback is good. Everyone really likes BloodRunes which is exciting to hear. The official video reviews will come out in the next month or so.

In the meantime, I’m going to be further putting the Kickstarter Campaign together, working out Stretch Goals, and redesigning the box and art.

One design question I’ve been asking myself is if I need to make the Acolyte art more Viking-esque. I almost don’t want to ask this question ’cause these took me so long to create and if I remake them into more Viking-like Acolytes, that’ll probably mean I’ll have to drop $500 for someone else to do them.  What do yall think?  Should I redesign them?

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