They’re on their way there!

Aug 11, 2023 | Board Games | 0 comments

Could not pass up the opportunity to use the three “there’s” in the title.

BloodRunes is on its way, currently crossing the great Pacific Ocean to make its way to your door.  Well, first to my door, then to yours. 🙂

You can see it’s current location below.  So close!

BloodRunes can float!

I know i originally estimated mid august for its arrival to you but we’ve had some delays and so it’s going to be mid September.  Which isnt bad compared to some kickstarters which can take over a year to arrive and be months delayed.  I’ll call this an educational win.  I’ve learned so much over the past year.
I’m planning to have some rewards parties here in Texas so look out for those if you’re nearby. If you’re not nearby, I hope you love your BloodRunes and share the joy of the game with those near you.

Now I’ve got to go work on my ad campaign. Gotta sell 700 more of these suckers! 😬

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me, there is more for BloodRunes even after delivery. Wait and see! 😉

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