Visions Series

Visions follows the journey of Alexandra Chastler, a 16 year old girl from Temecula, CA. Along with her friends, Lina and Daniel, she follows the Visions she has begun to see to try and save a boy named John. Along the way, she finds out that she has more innate power than she ever thought possible. The trio’s journey entangles them with the US government, an old man also looking for John, and far more sinister forces. Will they be able to fight through the obstacles? Will Xandra be able to control her powers before it’s too late?

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In the second Visions novel, Xandra’s group of friends has grown and they find themselves far far from home. They are given instructions to journey to Joseph’s homeland. There, they hope to find Ayos and the answers to this ancient war and their role in it. But it’s a long, arduous journey to get there, and complications will pull them apart. Will they be able to come back together, even through the horrific secret Xandra is keeping from Lina and the others?

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In Spera, we take a look back in time, before Kel Nahat traveled to Earth; before Sul Kedal was even born. The world of Spera is unfurled before you in all its color and natural symphony. Nahat is the smartest in his class and seeks to become the world’s greatest architect like his father. When tragedy strikes, his anger takes him down a different path. He joins the army to fight the Incubo in the Northern Colonies. After years, he returns to his home town of Hapset, seeking vengeance. But the young Sul Kedal and the goddess Ayos have other plans for Nahat: a mission that will take him further from his home than any Speran has ever traveled. Can he complete his mission before the dark gods destroy his planet?

Meet the Characters

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